Department №40

Laboratory work №1

The Basic Principles of TRT Detector


The main purpose of the laboratory work #1 is to study physical principles of the elementary cell of the TRT (Transition Radiation Tracker), to acquaint oneselves with TRT design and the purpose of the electrical chains elements.

Students should measure gas gain factor in the chamber, estimate electronics noise level and define an optimal threshold. Students will also be acquainted with TRT electronics design and the purpose of its elements.


  • Drift tube and its design
  • Ionization, ionization loss in the tube, transition radiation
  • Gas gain, the signal before and after amplifier
  • Electronics noise, discriminating threshold
  • Physical characteristics, which depend on thresholds (spatial resolution, electrons separation)
  • Working with drift tube: optimal gas gain and threshold determination in eV, eV translation into equivalent number of electrons, calibration in mV
  • The design of input electrical connections and why so
  • Characteristics and importance of each element
  • Principle circuit of FE electronics, the purpose and operation of its basic elements
  • What is transferred to a remote part of electronics
  • Answers to questions and scheduling

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