Department №40

about department


Department 40 also known as "Elementary Particle Physics" in NRNU MEPhI is a basic department of the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" (NRC KI). Particles Physics Department in Centre of fundamental research (unit of NRC KI) cooperates with Department 40 on staff training. Students can gain knowledge in the most important areas of modern physics in the laboratories of Particles Physics Department in KI. They are

  • fundamental research in neutrino physics and electroweak interactions,
  • high energy physics,
  • neutrino astrophysics and astronomy , neutrino geophysics,
  • new technologies in registration of nuclear radiation for fundamental and applied problems,
  • computer modeling and maintenance of high energy physics experiment.

Lectures for graduate students are held in specially equipped auditoriums in MEPhI and Kurchatov Center by leading experts. Students perform their scientific research work in the laboratory under the supervision of researchers from Kurchatov Center and MEPhI. These studies are related to the solution of the most interesting and important problems of modern particle physics, such as:

  • Standard Model (SM) probes, search of new particles and phenomena (extension of SM).
  • The search for dark matter.
  • Fundamental properties of neutrinos and weak interactions.
  • Fundamental symmetries, searches of CP violation in weak interactions.
  • Studies of multidimensional space influence on the properties of elementary particles and processes in the early universe.
  • Exotic nuclei and nucleus-nucleus collisions at the accelerator beam, study of a new state of matter - the quark- gluon plasma.
  • Study of the Earth and the Sun structure and energy by neutrino methods, search of neutrino emission from supernovae and other astrophysical sources.
  • Development of new cryogenic and scintillation detectors for fundamental and applied problems.
  • Development of technology for the antineutrinos detection in control system of nuclear reactors and nonproliferation tasks.

Experimental studies are held within the framework of large international projects and are based in NRC KI Institutions (KI, ITEP, IHEP), and in foreign research centers (CERN, BNL, the Gran Sasso and others.)