Department №40

information about us

The department of "Elementary Particle Physics" N40 - is the department of INPhE in NRNU MEPhI (earlier – department of the Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics) and basic department of NRC "Kurchatov Institute".

Main research areas of the department are related to the study of the matter structure. This work is aimed at finding answers to fundamental questions about the properties of matter, space-time, elementary particles and their interactions.

Research areas of the department cover the range from the development of particle detectors and experiments at accelerators to research in the field of neutrino physics, astrophysics and cosmology. These include developments in multidimensional gravity, theoretical models of which combine knowledge about the structure of micro- and macrocosm.

The department trains specialists in these and related fields. Applications are accepted for bachelor and master programs.

Work is carried out in close collaboration with leading research centers and universities in Russia and all over the world, including CERN, GRAN SASSO, DESY, LANL, JINR, IHEP, Laboratory Swedberg and others.

physical model of universe formation