Department №40

Cosmoparticle physics

In the framework of scientific direction "Cosmoparticle physics", theoretical interdisciplinary researches are carried out which combine physics of micro- (particle physics) and the macro-world (cosmology and astrophysics). It includes investigations of the nature of non-baryonic forms of matter, cosmological implications of massive neutrinos, problems of a baryogenesis, a nucleosynthesis, existence of an antimatter domains in Universe, primordial black holes, astroparticle manifestations of stable and unstable particles of dark matter, and other. These studies are based on the analysis of the modern observational data on cosmic rays (fluxes of the positrons and electrons, gamma-radiation, neutrinos and others), on the cosmic microwave background, large-scale structures of the Universe, acceleration data and others.

Special one-term course of lectures “Introduction into Cosmoparticle physics” is given for students of the 5th year and the Masters of the 1st year of study, and continuation of course “Cosmoparticle physics” is given for students of the theoretical direction (astroparticle physics or cosmology) in the next term.

Leader of the research group and author of lecture course is Maxim Yu. Khlopov. He is author of numerous basic articles in the cosmoparticle physics, and the author of 24 books and textbooks. They include the Monographs “Cosmoparticle physics”, World Scientific, 1999 (596 pp.), "Cosmological Pattern of Microphysics in Inflationary Universe", Kluwer Academic Publishers (295pp.) and "Basics of Cosmoparticle Physics", URSS, Moscow, 2004 (368pp.).






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Kirillov Alexander



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