Department №40

Laboratory work №4

Physics events analysis concepts in ATLAS experiment


Introduction to the basic concepts of the real physics events analysis in ATLAS experiment.

First part: destination and capabilities of different ATLAS detectors. Participants gain some insight into physics processes happening inside the detectors, and how to use signatures of these processes to identify various particles.

Second part: experimental data analysis using ATLAS events visualization software. Participants identify final "visible" particles and select events with Z, W or Higgs bosons production. Several decay modes are considered for every of these bosons.


  • ATLAS experiment setup:
    • Inner detector
    • Electromagnetic calorimeter
    • Hadronic calorimeter
    • Muon system
  • Trigger systems, three trigger levels
  • Particles identification methods, destination and capabilities of different detectors
  • Identifying events with Z, W, Higgs bosons decays. Background events.
  • Visualization and events analysis
  • Reconstructing invariant mass
  • Missing transverse energy
  • Questions