Department №40


MEPhI department no. 40 collaborators introduced some ATLAS-related developments into international programs and experiments. This work was led by prof. B. Dolgoshein.

Our group proposed Transition Radiation Detector for AMS space experiment and carried out initial studies.

Fig. 1. AMS TRD development proposal.

Fig. 2. AMS chambers assembly prototype. 

Fig. 3. AMS experiment was placed in orbit on May 2011 and set up on International Space Station.


AMS TRD uses chambers and TR radiator developed by MEPhI collaborators for ATLAS TRT. Besides, some conceptual designs proposed by MEPhI group were implemented during AMS TRD construction.

MEPhI had to leave the collaboration after two years of research (in 1998) due to the lack of funding from Russian Federation.

Contact person:

Anatoli Romaniouk