Department №40

Physical process modeling with the Monte Carlo methods

Department members are the experts in math modeling of the physics processes in the GEANT4 package. GEANT4 software package written in C++ is developed and periodically upgraded at CERN. It is widely used in particle physics, astrophysics, nuclear physics and its applications (medical nuclear physics, dosimetry). Presently, GEANT4 is the only modeling package in the world which allows performing high-precision calculations of particles interactions with matter based on up-to-date databases and physical models in the wide energy region from tenths of TeV down to hundredth parts of eV (energy of thermal neutrons). Rich GEANT4 toolkit with different pre-defined geometrical objects shapes allows performing the detailed description of the modern experimental facilities.

Monte Carlo simulation is an indispensable part of any contemporary experiment in particle physics. We provide the modeling of the Borexino, Double Chooz, RED experiments.

Contact Person:

Skorohvatov Mikhail