Department №40

Neurino physics - RED100

Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Physics

A Laboratory for Experimental Nuclear Physics (LENP) has been established as a interdepartmental division of the National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” in 2011 due to the Russian Federation government grant won by Dr. Yuri Efremenko, Professor of the University of Tennessee. A mission of the LENP is a development of novel instrumentation for fundamental research and applications, including the R&D for LXe and HPXe detectors, tools for safety and security monitoring nuclear installations, environmental control and nuclear material transportation monitoring systems and nuclear medicine. Currently, the Laboratory is focused on development LXe emission detector for observation of coherent neutrino scattering off heavy Xe nuclei.

RED1 experimental setup at the research reactor IRT MEPhI: 1 – RED1 emission detector; 2&3 –lead and borated polyethylene shield; 4 – lead; 5 – polyethylene bricks; 6 – paraffin; 7&8 – 30cmFe/70cmAl filter installed into the horizontal experimental channel GEK10; 9 – concrete shielding.

Experiment at the MEPhI reactor

is focused on development of methods of registration of the recoil nuclei of xenon with energies below 1 keV. This experimental study will provide new and unique results on the properties of liquid xenon as detector material for the registration of weakly interacting and weak ionizing particles. Based on these results we construct a model of the emission detector, and practically worked out the principles of registration of coherent scattering of reactor antineutrinos.

Coherent neutrino scattering search

The proposed pilot program will be implemented with the support of about 30 highly skilled subcontractors of the Research Center «Kurchatov Institute», Institute of Nuclear Sciences, INR RAS, which have already been organized under the challenge of developing new detector technology in the informal scientific collaborations RED (Russian emission detectors). Thus, the project will involve collaboration with scientists NRNU MEPI best scientific centers of Russia.

The RED collaboration

In this program there are involved about 30 collaborators from the National Research Center of «Kurchatov Institute», Institute of Nuclear Sciences of the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow State University who are united in the informal scientific collaborations RED (Russian Emission Detectors).

Contact Person:

Kumpan Alexander