Department №40

Chernyshev Boris () » Staff

Organization: NRNU MEPhI Department. № 40

Position: associate professor

Degree: candidate of physical and mathematical sciences / PhD

Areas of scientific research:
  • Fundamental Interactions: Hadron physics
  • Exotic nuclei and their interactions
  • Equipment and systems in high energy physics

Scientific group: Nuclear Interactions

Additional information: He is a co-authored for over 60 articles in refereed journals. B.A. Chernyshev is a qualified expert in the field of experimental studies of the interaction of elementary particles with nuclei. In recent years, with his direct participation a series of experimental studies on the search for exotic nuclear states (superheavy hydrogen isotopes 4-7H, heavy isotopes of lithium 10-12Li deep pion states of Xe atoms) were carried out . Priority results were obtained which are essential for the development of the modern theory of the nuclei.