Department №40

Sosnovtsev Valery (22.07.1954) » Staff

Organization: NRNU MEPhI lab. 344

Position: leading physicist, associate professor

Degree: candidate of physical and mathematical sciences / PhD

Areas of scientific research: Technique of nuclear-physical experiment. Development of unique equipment for experiments in nuclear physics and high energy physics.

Scientific group: ATLAS, Particle detectors

Additional information: Sosnovtsev Valery supervised the development and production of multi-channel radiation detectors and electronic components for special experiments HERA-B and ZEUS at DESY (German Accelerator Center, Hamburg, Germany) and ATLAS experiment at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research, Geneva, Switzerland) within the framework of international projects INTAS, ISTC, CRDF in 1996 - 2006 years in collaboration with both the russian scientific production association (NPO "Energia", NGO "PULSAR", NGO "Plastic") and MEPhI (department 7 and 27).

Tel.: +7 (916) 657-43-43