Department №40

Tikhomirov Vladimir () » Staff

Organization: Physical Institute. Lebedev RAS (FIAN)/NRNU MEPhI Department. № 40

Position: leading physicist, associate professor

Degree: candidate of physical and mathematical sciences / PhD

Areas of scientific research: Physics of elementary particles, detectors, GRID
  • Introduction to operating systems (Linux, etc)

Scientific group: ATLAS

Additional information:

Experience - data processing experiments, computer simulations, system administration.

Participation in accelerator experiments E128 (Protvino), NA34 (CERN), STAR (Brookhaven), ATLAS (CERN), as well as in a number of R & D work on the application of new technologies particle detection (SiPM, gas pixel detectors, thin scintillators).

More than 300 publications in WoS.

Main work directions at the moment:

  • ATLAS experiment at CERN
  • Support and development of computer Grid in LPI
  • New types of detectors