Department №40




student's scientific work

Students do their scientific work starting from 3rd year of education. A student chooses special courses depending on his (her) research field.

Students also choose where to do their research work. It can be done either in any of research groups in department 40 or in another MEPhI departments, or in different organizations:


Research importance is very significant. It allows students to take active part in Russian and international conferences, to publish their results in leading journals indexed in SCOPUS and Web of Science citation indexing services. The very best students have a possibility to pass their probation period in large international research centres like CERN, DESY, FermiLab etc.

    Students have to defend their research work in the end of each term. He (she) should present his (her) work, motivate a study, explain what has been done and tell about obtained results. Such presentation should not take longer than 15 minutes. Finally an examining board grades every student based on his (her) presentation and supervisor’s opinion. ​


Bachelors and specialists pass a state exam in the end of their education. It is a written examination consisting of 1-3 short questions related to department major courses.