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Student news

You can find the latest list of questions for state exam (version from November 22nd 2013) here.


You and your supervisor should fill in the practical work journal before starting your pre-graduation work. You can find below all the details needed; just change the start date to May 16th.

As soon as you finish your practice work and before you start doing your graduation work, you will need to fill in the thesis assignment in duplicate. It should be signed by you, your supervisor and head of department. You keep one copy, your department keeps the other one.




School and its code: “Nuclear physics and technology” (“engineer-physicist” qualification to be obtained), code 140300 (former school code 651000).

Profession and its code: “Atomic nucleus physics and particle physics”, code 140302 (former profession code 072700).

Specialization (same as the syllabus): “Elementary particle physics and cosmology” (former code 072713).

Practice dates: May 11th - November 02nd, summer vacation: July 27th - August 30th.

Dates of work on thesis: November 10th - February 22nd, last several weeks are devoted to work on the explanatory note.

Konstantin Belotsky (assistant professor, PhD) is responsible for practical work. Advisor from MEPhI is assigned only for those who do their thesis work in different organizations.